I warmly welcome you to the official website of the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, NAPPS, Benue state.
National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools is the umbrella body of all Private schools in Nigeria. The overall objective of NAPPS is incapsulated in our motto ‘Nurturing for National Development’
The Earth and all its content is not permanent with change as an exception. People generally resist change not because it is good or bad, but for fear of the unknown.
The world is changing from ancient to modern, and analogue to digital. It is in recognition of this universal shift to conform to the global best practice that NAPPS, Benue state chapter has decided to migrate to this website and portal.
This noble innovation is therefore, meant to drive NAPPS Benue to optimum performance to the benefit of all members and growth of education in Benue state in the following areas:

  1. Technology Friendly School Operator:
  2. Getting our members to be technology friendly will enhance the quality of education offered in our schools viz a viz the current need for a technology driven learning. This platform will therefore, provide such opportunity and exposure to all members.

  3.  Access To Our Schools:
  4. This is a deliberate effort to prove the quality of our schools and make them accessible to the whole world.
    The site is programmed in such a way that each school is positioned with opportunity to showcase her programs and events. It is also convenient to link the site with personal school site if you have existing one.
    Anyone who is interested in any private school of any category in Benue state will simply visit this site. It positions all Schools for easy accessibility by relevant development partners, such as Federal Ministry of Education, UNICEF, UNESCO, NGOs etc.

  5.  Easy Communication
  6. The site will serve as a major means of communication, vertically and horizontally as it holds all members details on the portal.

  7. Membership:
  8.  It will serve as a platform for membership registration and renewal of NAPPS dues at all levels. Its transparency and accuracy shall aptly equip members on their status as it is member operated. The ID number given to you upon registration remains your unique registration number in Benue state. You are therefore, advised to register early since the ID number is generated automatically.


  9. Regulated Transfer:
  10. It shall also serve as a platform for all students seeking transfer from one school to another in Benue state for the purpose of enhancing learning in the state. Regulated transfer will improve standards, check examination malpractice and all students related social vices.

  11. Statistics:
  12. Through a comprehensive capture of schools and students, adequate statistics for development needs shall be readily available as members will require from time to time.

I therefore, welcome you to join the great educational administrators of this digital age. This is where the world is a global village.
May Almighty God keep you safe and protected in Jesus dear name.
Nurturing for National Development

Rev Dr Philip Ominyi
Chairman Benue State.